UI/UX Mastery
Walk a mile in your users' shoes

Despite the fact that we have them on the same page, UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design are two very different concepts. Let's start with UX.

The User Experience

The first step while designing the user experience is determining why a user will be visiting your site or application. Then the user experience can be designed accordingly. When trying to design the user experience there are many factors that play a role and must be considered carefully. Most or all of the following disciplines need to be considered to positively impact the overall experience a person has with your site/application:

  • Information- The basis for nearly any interaction between a human and a system, is the transfer of information. What information is the user looking for? What information would we like to show them that they may not necessarily be looking for? What order is the information given to the user? How will the user search for information? There are a host of complexities involved in the delivery of information, we will help you plan for your user's voyage through your information.
  • Human-Computer Interaction- How does your design (and to a lesser degree your interface) make the user feel? Our UX professionals are experts in HCI and we will help you take advantage of years of research and testing to ensure a positive UX design.
  • Graphic Design- The visual appeal of your site/application plays an important role in the user's perception of your business and indeed of their entire experience. Definitive methods of visual communication can be leveraged to ensure a positive user experience.

We can summarize by saying that user experience design defines interactions between a user and a system designed to meet or support the needs and goals of the user, primarily, while also satisfying your business objectives.

The User Interface

Your user interface is where the rubber meets the road, where your customers interact with your business. It is critical that their interaction with "you" is easy (intuitive), efficient (more bang for the keystroke), and pleasant (user friendly).

Years of experience have given our UI experts a fundamental understanding of UI best practices. Each situation is different however, so it may be necessary for you to set up tests so you can see how your users interact with your interface. Within any interface designed by Olsen Consultants we include measures to track and monitor how your users are interacting with the site or application. However, while this provides critical information helpful in measuring the effectiveness of your interface, it may take more.

The first step in improving your interface is understanding your user. In many situations an interface will have many different types of users. There may be power user vs. the occasional user, or perhaps you have users that interact with your site for totally separate purposes. We will first identify all of the different types of users that interact with your site or application. Using testers for each type of user we will study their interaction with the interface and identify aspects that are not easy, efficient or enjoyable. With the problem areas identified we will work to design a solution that improves the interface.

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