Olsen Consultants can help you monitor the location and movement of objects in real time. Objects that can transmit their geographic location via Global Positioning Systems (GPS) or similar technologies can be dynamically tracked on a display map that can be shared via the Internet or intranet.

Analytic features enable you to trigger an action based on an object's location relative to other geographic features, such as triggering an alert when a vehicle or cargo moves out of its service area.

Our solutions support a diverse range of asset tracking applications such as:

  • Personnel tracking—tracking the location and status of mobile teams, drivers, or repair crews
  • Mobile asset tracking—real-time location and status of vehicles, trains, trucks, ships, airplanes, and cargo containers
  • Traffic control—traffic flow analysis and real-time monitoring of traffic flow
With automatic vehicle location (AVL) tracking and a GIS-based display, dispatchers can visually relate mobile unit locations to destination locations. When live information or video feeds are incorporated into the map-based display, dispatchers can also keep an eye on the latest weather and traffic developments.


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