Far more than just a shopping cart

When many people speak of e-commerce they think of a user managed catalog of goods where employees can manage the catalog and customers can order and pay for item/s from the catalog. While this is an integral part of any e-commerce solution, it happens to be the easy part that has been "figured out" already. At Olsen Consultants when we speak of e-commerce solutions, we are speaking of an entire well rounded solution that incorporates everything from managing your supply process to supporting past customers and everything in between.

A complete e-commerce solution should include or seamlessly integrate with your:

  • Inventory management system
  • Supplier interface, reordering process
  • Accounting system
  • Marketing strategy and software/CRM
  • Advertising campaigns, SEO
  • Social media efforts
  • Customer support solution
  • Sales management and reporting framework
  • Fulfillment channel

At Olsen Consultants we built our first online storefront in 1998. A lot has changed since then and we have learned a lot along the way. Leverage our experience and we will put together a complete e-commerce solution for your business.

Driving traffic to your site is not easy, it includes everything from advertising and marketing campaigns to providing your users with an enjoyable experience (even on their phones.) We will ensure that all of your efforts to drive traffic are tracked and measured. A powerful reporting platform within your employee console will allow you measure the effectiveness of your efforts and modify them continuously so that you will always be improving.

Communicating with your customers and prospective customers is important. We will implement a system that enables you to communicate with your customers easily and professionally. We will even monitor their interactions with your site so that you will know what interests them most.

Are you selling B2B? Do your customers order large quantities of products with complex shipping options? We have developed an incredibly powerful and easy to use ordering system that your vendors and customers will love. Call today to speak to an account representative.

Speak to Olsen Consultants today about a rounded solution that allows you to focus on your business and leverage powerful tools that will enable you to create a system for success.


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