Social Media
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Social media engagement is no longer optional for most businesses. Many companies are using social media effectively to:

  • Drive exposure of their business to new prospects
  • Create brand loyalty and engage their existing customer base
  • Establish a direct line of communication to their best customers
  • Gather marketplace intelligence
  • Improve search engine placement
  • Expand their marketing reach cost effectively

If your business is not engaged with social media, you are missing out on potential revenue.

Social Media marketing should compliment your other marketing initiatives and fit into your overall strategy.

Olsen Consultants will work with you to:

  • Identify which market segments you can reach via social media channels
  • Create or improve your social media sites/assets
  • Integrate your social media campaigns into your overall strategy
  • Document and organize your social media campaigns by objectives
  • Determine the best frequency for your messages
  • Ensure that your messages are compliant with your brand and objectives
  • Develop a system whereby content and delivery are managed according to a schedule
  • Create incentives to drive user involvement
  • Using a variety of tools we will track the effectiveness of the campaigns

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